It’s like a family here!

One of the great lies I hear on a regular basis is “This business is like a big family.” While I love my family I’m not sure I would like to be in business with them and as far as joining any company or business being run like a family I think I would run away fast. Recently when coaching …

Making the Pitch in Person

Making the Pitch in Person is Powerful

There’s strength in having business meetings or making the pitch in person, particularly since it’s less common. Here why in-person meetings are best.

Surprising Truth About Making The Pitch

Making the Pitch

In many people’s careers, making the pitch is essential to success. Here’s the surprising truth about becoming a great business presenter.

Presentations, Pitches & Pictures

Pictures and Storytelling for Presentations

Choosing the right pictures to support the storytelling elements of your presentation can be a very powerful tool for getting the “yes”.

Five Decisions

5 Decisions of the Buyer's Mind

When making purchase decisions, there 5 questions every buyer wants answered, whether they (and you!) are aware of them or not. You need to know them.

Presentations Can Change Your World

Business Presentations, Risk and Change

Your presentations can trigger change in your listeners and their organizations. When crafting your presentation, think about the change you want to create.

How To Handle Tough Questions

Tough Questions During Q&A

The Q&A session at the end of your presentation is a powerful opportunity to develop credibility, IF you rehearse handling tough questions. Be ready!

The Interview & The Pitch

A job interview and a business pitch have many things in common, including a need for thorough preparation, handling questions, and good follow up.

Pitch Preparation Bottom Line

Pitch Preparation

Sudden changes during your pitch preparation can tempt you to go in to your presentation underprepared, or worse yet fail to assess how they will impact your profits.

I Love To Pitch

Love To Pitch

If business pitches are a struggle for you, here are the things I learned that made me say “I love to pitch!” Pitch well and win when you present.