Presentation Director

Geoffrey X. Lane

Presentation Director Geoffrey X Lane is an internationally acclaimed Professional Speaker, Author and Trainer.

He has been coaching executives, professional speakers, facilitators and other professionals in business presentations, media relations and presentation techniques for 17 years.

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Presentation Director Geoffrey X. Lane

Hiring This Presentation Director: Return On Investment

ROI in Hiring Presentation Director By Jonni Johnson
Geoffrey delivers a real return on investment – we have won 6 projects over the course of 5 years that has amounted in 9 Million dollars in contracts – our investment in his services as a Presentation Director $44,300.00 giving us a 20316% ROI!

We learn something new every time we work with him and is very much in service of his clients. He wants to see them succeed; this is palpable in every encounter we’ve had the fortune to have with him.

He is delightful, very candid but always respectful also he is wicked smart – not just in the mechanics of the pitch but in the psychology of it as well.
More importantly he is FUN!
Jonni Johnson,
Senior Vice President & Chief Reinvention Officer, CPSM

  • Start Where You Are

    I was a Dyslexic, terrified young man, but I turned that to my advantage. I was determined to learn from those already successfully doing what I wanted to do…

  • I Spent Over 17 Years...

    Once I mastered public speaking, I gained wide experience as a Bid Consultant, Presentation Director, public speaking coach, keynote speaker and trainer. I’ve spoken in every major city in North America.

  • Present For Profit

    I’ve helped clients win bids worth over $165 million. See what they say about working with me in the Testimonials.
    I certain that improving your ability to communicate is the #1 thing you can do for your career and your income.

Bid Direction Tasks

The Consultant

Geoffrey is a thought provoking, intelligent and “tell it like it is” consultant to major Canadian businesses and leaders. Geoffrey is one of Canada’s leading coaches for communication, presentation and media training.

“Geoffrey you are the quintessential professional. Three words come to mind in our dealings with you, they are proficient, prepared and prompt. You do what you say you will do, and you helped us adapt our presentation to our specific needs, ensuring success. It has been our privilege to benefit from your valuable insights and you have truly helped us make a success of our CN bid.” Peter Armstrong, President - CEO Rocky Mountaineer Vacations

The Coach

Geoffrey works with business leaders and communicators and has helped to design bid presentations and keynote speeches around the world. Geoffrey was the official Presentation Skills Coach to the successful Vancouver 2010 Olympic Bid Committee in Prague.

“Geoffrey was an enormous asset to the 2010 bid presentation in Prague. He brought a real sense of passion to our team, he helped our team increase our confidence level, and he helped us find the words that allowed us to deliver the message in a more powerful and passionate way. He was able to work individually with every member of our team and help each one to improve their own performance: in a very special way, so that each person was able to be on the stage and be his or her self, and deliver a powerful message. Geoffrey did that in a way that was very easy for each member of our team to take.”John Furlong, President VANOC – 2010

The Keynote Speaker

Geoffrey has a strong presence (he is totally himself), he is authentic, engaging and has a high level of integrity with the material he presents. His dry British humor is provocative, insightful and charming; he is candid, funny, irreverent and yet totally professional. Geoffrey specializes in keynote presentations that inform, provoke and motivate. His topics are personal leadership, communication, persuasion and influence.

“The challenge was to entertain us and educate us on the value of using stories to enhance our communication skills. Geoffrey easily met the challenge. His presentation was the perfect windup for our 3-day conference. ~ When we receive comments like “Geoffrey’s speech went by so fast” and “Are you sure that was 45 minutes?” we knew we had selected the master of communication skills. When people enjoy listening to you for 45 minutes and ask for more, all I can say is “does it get any better?”- Linda Schellenberg Conference Chair - Toastmasters

The Person

Geoffrey is a passionate advocate for the power of authentic self-expression and communication. Geoffrey expresses ideas and concepts with clarity and power. Through his experience, he has developed realistic strategies and techniques for teaching business and personal communication. His audiences walk away with enhanced self-awareness. They also take with them valuable tools to present information and sell ideas effectively, giving them a powerful edge over competitors.

“Inspiring”, “Incredible depth of knowledge and experience” – just some of the comments – He subtly and effectively blends communication principals with understanding what audiences want to gently and effectively increase our manager’s effectiveness.” Clint Mahlman, Vice President, London Drugs Limited

Career Highlights


As a leader, Geoffrey X Lane has a strong presence (he is totally himself), is authentic, and has a high level of integrity with the material he presents. His dry British humor is inviting, insightful and charming; he is funny, irreverent and yet totally professional.

Provocative, intelligent, “tell it like it is” consultant to major corporations, Geoffrey Lane is one of North America’s leading communication and presentation resources.

  • Author – Presentation Power
  • Presentation Director – Helping Clients Win $169 Million in contracts & capital raised
  • Presentation Coach for the successful Winter Olympic Bid for Canada
  • Authored and led Presentation Power at University of British Columbia
  • Program Leader – Pursuit of Excellence (10 years)
  • International Keynote Speaker – USA, Canada, Australia and UK

What Is It Like Working With Geoffrey?

You get authentic, real world perspective, insights and practical tools delivered with a gentle dry British humor ~ and he is easy to work with…He is not for the faint of heart, as he is a provocative, intelligent, “tell it like it is” speaker and consultant and moves people out of their comfort zone. He presents common sense ideas and practical solutions based upon experience and success. They shift people and help your organization to move the next level of excellence.

Working with Bid Director Geoffrey X. Lane by Amy Moen
Geoffrey brings a fresh perspective to our team – he’s the outside expert. His track record earns immediate respect and an open mind from our leaders. Geoffrey’s work crosses all industries. He also brings global experience and limitless ideas.

Geoffrey brings order, simplicity and elegance to the chaotic process of presentation development.

Working with Geoffrey is how I imagine working with Yoda might be, incredibly intuitive, wise and a deep listener. He synthesizes information, and identifies a missing idea or key point very quickly.

Geoffrey is warm and nurturing, yet forthcoming with the (sometimes) cold, hard truth. His approach gets the job done and helps us win work!Amy Moen,
Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, CPSM

Geoffrey’s Mission

I am passionately dedicated to helping individuals express themselves naturally, and to show up authentically. My signature is my British sense of humor (which is salted with anecdotes), and authentic self-expression.

Speaker Geoffrey X Lane