Presentation Skills Workshop

Executive Presentation Skills WorkshopStrategix Presentation System: SPS

A Proven & Effective Presentation Strategy For Business Success

Would you like to immediately improve your win ratio?

Want to improve YOUR ability to deliver precise, informative and persuasive presentations?

You can in this highly effective and rewarding presentation skills workshop. You will achieve a significant improvement in your presentation process and personal confidence. Learn how to motivate, persuade and make things happen in your professional and personal life!

Executive Presentation Skills Workshop For Bid Teams And Leaders

SPS is based upon our knowledge of what it takes to win a bid, and what we have learned from failed bids. Using the case study approach, we share our professional insights and road warrior stories.

The Strategix Presentation System

The SPS process is designed to help you build trust and respect with the buyer, while giving them the information they seek, so that they can say yes.

SPS will give you the professional a structure that is flexible, respectful and focused on providing a solution to the problems and challenges of the client. This is a proven and successful set of strategies that work!

Why Invest In SPS?

DO you want to have a direct impact on your company revenues? Do you want to be able to speak fluently, be influential, and be able to get a “yes” at the end of your presentation? Do you want to be enthusiastic and persuasive while speaking to others? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then the Strategix Presentation System is for you.

The Strategix Presentation System goes far beyond oral presentation skills training. It was specifically created for bid managers, marketing teams and presentation leaders; who currently or in the future will need to present and sell to generate business. It is also for the proactive entrepreneur who has to pitch investors, raise funds and make things happen. If you are one of those who because of leadership and responsibility must step forward, SPS is for you. It is designed for people who want to stand out from their peers and accelerate their advancement in business.

Benefits of SPS Presentation Training

By attending this presentation skills workshop you will develop the abilities required to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

  • Increase your confidence and lessen anxiety
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Understanding what, how and when to present
  • Learn the in’s & out’s of designing a presentation
  • Learn how to build better and more successful bid teams
  • Discuss presentation skills tips specific to winning competitive bids
  • Enhance your business and professional relationships
  • Learn where you really need to put your resources
  • Understand the impact of social values in your presentation
  • Learn to manage the anxiety response and stay focused
  • Improve your leadership skills and communications

Presentation Seminar Topics

  • Communication essentials ~ the listening effect
  • The power of confidence and focus
  • Getting to current reality ~ present to get business
  • Building a better presentation teams
  • Using custom checklists to keep your presentation prep sane
  • Establish trust and rapport, and cementing collaborative behavior
  • Learn what you really need to focus on ~ The X. Factor
  • Learn the “RAP” strategy for success
  • Understanding the alignment of values
  • PREP ~ Preparation, Rehearsal, Enthusiasm and Performance
  • Manage the anxiety response

Have questions about our Strategix Presentations Skills Workshop? Talk to us.