StrategiX Bid Consulting

Many organizations have the requisite technical skill to win a bid, but don’t communicate them well. Our bid consulting helps your experienced team fine-tune the details that transform a good bid proposal into a winning bid presentation.

Bid Consulting ServicesBid Consulting Support

  • Developing and Optimizing Overall Presentation Strategy
  • Developing your X. Factor for Bid Presentations
  • Assist With Bid Proposal Preparation
  • Review of Bid Proposals and Presentation
  • Optimize Bid Presentation Design
  • Project Manage Bid Presentation Process
  • Structure Roles of Presentation Team
  • Train and Rehearse Presentation Team

Key Benefits of Bid Consulting

The best way to understand the power of effective bid presentation consulting is to see some of the numbers. Have a look at the quick case study we did for our bid consulting with FKP Architects. How would you like a 19629.12% ROI?

We Know Presentation Coaching

We’ve got the experience to boost and strengthen the win rate of your bid/presentation team. Winning a major bid may be crucial to the success of your organization. Indeed, without winning sales all companies die. Talk to us today about how we can support you with bid consulting and presentation coaching services. Don’t miss our client testimonials.

Our services are best described from the client’s point of view as:

“A consultative relationship using a customized solution by a trusted advisor”

The aim of our services is to work together with your business at all levels, we focus on fostering bid consulting, business development and building foundations that will ensure the long-term creativity, vitality, and productivity of your people and the continued profitability of your business.

Our Area Of Focus Is Winning Bids & Business Development

By using our consulting and coaching services you bring together solid business principles and leading-edge strategies for building a winning “business development team” to help your organization grow and develop. Learning how to win.

Continuous professional and personal development is not just good for people, communities, and the environment; it is essential for building the strong personal and business foundations that will ensure the continued vitality and profits of the whole organization.

To Use Our Bid Consulting & Coaching Services

Join our special “retainer” client list – there are only a few! Let’s talk about it.


  • Priority Access
  • Any where – literally we will meet you there
  • Any time – time zones don’t matter
  • We drop everything just for you – you are important
  • Immediate access to all of our services

Contract Work

We offer contract services for organizations of any size. Contract work allows you the option of hiring on an as-needed basis and therefore can make your Business Development budget stretch further with better results.

We recognize that your business might not run from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, so neither do our services. Business Development is both a cost effective and time efficient approach to meeting the majority of your needs in a start-up or medium-sized company. Larger organizations can take advantage of additional assistance on a project basis to assist their existing Business Development department and drive initiatives forward much more efficiently.

We specialize in the ‘Human’ touch in business, whether we work with you for a day, virtual or for a yearlong contract or on a full-time or part-time basis.

Areas covered include services such as:

  • Bid Gap Analysis
  • Learning How to Win
  • Strategic Presentation Skills
  • Individual Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Team Coaching
  • Sales and Marketing Skills
  • Media Training Skills